Gouache Painting Live Stream and Paint Along


Saturday April 3 at 3PM will be my next live stream. The set up will be like last time where I had the reference up on the screen but the part of the screen showing the demo will be larger than last to give a clearer view of what I am doing. Also I will be demonstrating from one reference image the entire time giving us all a longer time to finish the image.

I will spend some time talking about paints, paper and brushes before I begin to paint.

I have been working with gouache since High School. I first saw the medium used by artist in one of my favorite artbooks at the time, The Studio. The book featured the works of Catherine Jeffery Jones, Barry Winsor Smith. Michael Kaluta and Bernie Wrightson. During my High School years at the High School of Art and Design I also had an instructor who worked in gouache. As I learned more about illustration I saw that a lot of early illustrators worked in either gouache or Casein (a medium very similar to gouache).

Today I still enjoy using the medium and want to invite you to paint along with me on my live stream.


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