Sunday, August 13, 2017


All through my school years I remember drawing in the margins of my notebooks or on some scrap paper I had hidden under my notebook. I would cover the paper up with the back cover of my loose leaf notebook when the teacher was looking. As soon as the teacher turned to write on the black board I would pull up the cover and continue to work on my drawing.

It was always a doodle of some favorite comic book character or a character from some story I was reading.

This habit of doodling stuff continues today on my job. Every free chance I get I would grab a sheet of paper and doodle at my desk. Sometimes trying to be careful not to get caught, sometimes not caring. Most of these doodles wind up in the trash. Others are thumbnail sketches for something I intend to paint or draw later. Others are just a bunch of fun doodles like what I am posting here and I can't decide whether to keep them or just throw them out. So I hold on to them for a while and some get filed away while others do eventually wind up in the trash.

Anyway these are saved from the trash for now.
All of these are done just for the fun of it and to pass the time at work.

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