Monday, July 17, 2017

Watercolor Wash Sketches

One lunch hour is not a lot of time to do more than a quick sketch or a bunch of doodles. But when I take my lunch one hour is all I have and of course I need to subtract some time for the hastily gobbled up sandwich or what ever I'm having that day. If I want to take my time and develop an image it will take some days or if I want to do some quick sketches that are fairly resolved I can choose a medium that lends itself to that like a watercolor wash.

The most time I would spend on these is in the beginning when I do a pencil drawing where I try to be as correct as possible outlining and measuring, anticipating the values,etc. Then the wash is quickly placed on top of the outline. The drawing of the man on the above sketch was done more hastily but the head of the woman on the upper left corner was sketched the day before and the wash was applied on the next day during my lunch hour.

You can see the pencil outline on the left and the finished wash drawing on the right.

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