Friday, July 14, 2017

The Sketchbook, Drawing From Imagination And Memory

Drawing from imagination, comic book characters and cartoons when I was a kid was how I began to draw. The older I got the more realism I strove for without any training in drawing from life. But when I finally began learning how to draw and paint from life I began to distrust my imagination/ memory more and more. This was a mistake. Drawing from imagination or memory should be just as important in my opinion as drawing from life.

What I learn in drawing from life can feed information into my drawings from memory and imagination and the same can be said for the reverse. I find that it helps especially when I am doing an illustration and can't find the reference for what I want or can only find partial reference. The only thing to do is to rely on memory and imagination.

Sometimes I might be working on an illustration and just sketch out some of the characters in the story. I also like to try and recall the faces of my fellow passengers on the train and sketch those out when I get home and sometimes I just make up a story or a situation and I sketch that. It's just a lot of fun to do and drawing should be fun.

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