Friday, July 7, 2017

Progression Of A Gouache Painting

Above is a progression of a gouache painting I did in my sketchbook.
I started out with a pencil outline of the portrait then I painted spots of color trying to be conscious of value and temperature. I did the pencil under drawing on my lunch break at work which took about 45 minutes. the first lay in of colors took about an hour and a half to two hours- done before just before going to sleep at night.

The next day back at work I continued to paint on my lunch hour smoothing out the paint by adding water and a bit more paint. In the third panel on the right I continued to paint at home for a couple of more hours adding more paint and smoothing the transition between values with just water on the brush.

The final painting is on the left.

I should have taken a scan of the initial pencil drawing underneath but I didn't think of it. It would have looked a lot like the drawing I included on the bottom.

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