Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some Pen, Brush and Ink Sketches

3 things I am shooting for in these drawings from my sketchbook.

1) Trying to make a better drawing

2) Trying to get comfortable with the tools- a Pentel Pocket Brush and some Micron Pens

3) Trying to come up with different ways of making marks, not looking for a style, just doing something different so that I can have as many ways of approaching an ink drawing


  1. These are Fantastic Gil! And I think you succeeded with your task!

  2. Wow, the middle page of sketches, the two heads on the left gave me Will Eisner flashback. I've enjoyed looking at all the sketches. Are you only using microns or are there some Rapidographs thrown in there too?

    1. This is brush and dip pens, but I also use microns as well as copic liner pens.