Thursday, June 2, 2016

Starting A New Sketchbook

That first page in my sketchbook can be a bit intimidating. I guess it helps my confidence to start with a good drawing on the very first page. Then of course it makes the next page a bit of a challenge to follow up.

 These are the first two drawings in a brand new sketchbook. I used a photo for reference on both though I exaggerated and changed the one of the old man a good deal. The other is a photo of my wife that I took.  They were done on my lunch hour at work so I spent about a half an hour on each. I used water soluble pencils and a brush pen filled with black ink on both drawings.
They are not perfect drawings of course but they seem like a pretty good start to continue to return to my sketchbook and try to out do what I did on the previous sketch.

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