Monday, May 2, 2016

The Perfect Palette For Gouache Paints

Long time ago I had purchased a palette that was ideal for my gouache paints. It was made by Grumbacher and the thing that was so great was that it kept the paints moist when I closed the lid. There was a sponge underneath the lid that kept the paints fresh. Unfortunately that little blue plastic palette was very fragile and the hinges on the lid always broke. I kept buying a new one whenever this happened until I could no longer find the palette anywhere.

For many years I searched for a good palette or that same palette but never found one or it until recently. Creative Mark makes a palette called the color miser. It is advertised for watercolors and acrylics and I find that it works well for gouache. It doesn't keep the gouache paint fresh as long as the Grumbacher palette did but it can stay moist for a week or two, maybe three.

I don't mind re-wetting a glob of dried paint but I cant stand it when I get little clumps in my palette that are all over the place and I have to match the clumps with the colors and put them back in their wells. The Color Miser saves me that trouble. It can be purchased at Jerry's Artarama for $29.99. While it's not as good as my old Grumbacher palette it comes in as a close second.

The paintings I've posted on here are made about a week apart from each other using paints I loaded on to the palette. The paint had stayed pretty moist throughout, only beginning to try up by the third week but still not breaking up into little clumps.

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