Monday, March 28, 2016

The Convenience of Working Digitally

Having a nine to five means that there is less time in a day to get much work done 5 days out of the week. Yet I am determined to make everyday count. Because of this, unless I've already managed to start something that I can work on during the week, I do a lot of sketching between Monday and Friday. On the weekend is when I can get something started that I can work on everyday but If I have nothing going I sketch, hunting for an idea or just to practice in a particular medium.

Having a family life makes this doubly hard though. One of the things that has helped is being able to work digitally. The sketch above was done in Artrage. The approach I use to paint digitally is the same approach I would take in oils except that I can't always anticipate the brush stroke in Artrage, but it comes close.

Working digitally I don't have to worry about set up or clean up. I just sit in front of my computer and start. I much prefer working with traditional tools. They are worth all the bother of setting and cleaning up. Sometimes though it is difficult to find the time. If I didn't have the choice of working digitally I would have found another way but I am thankful for the convenience because the important thing is to do some work everyday.

The video bellow shows stroke for stoke how I worked on this painting (it is sped up- I can't actually work that fast of course). It is that same way I would have approached it if I were actually working in oils. There are flaws in the painting that if I would have cared to carry it further I would correct.

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