Thursday, February 18, 2016

Using Sketchbook Pro And ArtRage On A Single Painting

This painting was done using a combination of Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage.

Sketchbook Pro is the easiest digital art application I know. Easy doesn't mean cheap though. It can do a lot and I have often used it for finished illustration. But there are some features found in other applications that I would also like to take advantage of.

With ArtRage and Rebelle I can take advantage of the oil/acrylic brush which gives an impasto look to the painting.

I practically finish the painting In Sketchbook Pro and save it as a tiff file. Opening the file in ArtRage I go over the painting with the oil brush matching the color and giving it the look of thick juicy paint.

Below you can see the progression in four stages. Only #4 is done in ArtRage.

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