Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Sketch Before I Fall Asleep

One of the things that I am determined to do is draw everyday. Some days are harder than others though. Sometimes after a long day at work, I come back home to see my son in my chair on my computer,  or I have to  help my son out either with his Spanish homework or some other need. I also need to spend some time with my wife and my other son. Then I'm exhausted.

I know whatever I sketch at that point isn't going to look very good and that I would be relying on imagination and memory rather than drawing from observation or at least a photo reference. Some of these just look awful, but I need to do it. My drawing is better when I do it consistently. I also begin to grapple with my weaknesses in drawing which I can't do if I don't draw everyday.

So these are my emergency end of the day I got to get this in before I fall asleep sketches.

I used a photo for this watercolor sketch of my wife.

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