Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Putting On A Teachers Hat

I made the sketch of the little bust on the upper left to show what I have been using as a drawing aide for my son. My youngest son want's to go to the high school I attended, Art and Design in New York City. Up until now he has been drawing manga and video game characters as well as making short animations using ToonBoom software and an app on his Nintendo 3DS. He has really taught himself how to animate, reading books and watching videos on the subject. But now the challenge for him is to draw from life. One of the the things he will be doing in order to get into the school is, along with presenting a portfolio, drawing from a model which the school will provide- he has to audition to get in to the school. We're on shaky ground here. Cartoon characters is one thing.... well this is going to challenge and help develop his ability, so I put on my teachers hat.

Here is an example of the type of drawings my son loves to do. He got this far by buying books on drawing manga characters.

What I had decided to do is use that little bust to start off. With it I had hoped to show him how to observe big shapes. First observing and understanding the shape of the head and the approximate placement of the features and then describing everything with light and dark. Not being concerned with details but describing what he sees with broad patterns of shadow. In this way we study proportion, placement of the features and light and dark values to describe the object.

He didn't do to bad for his first time drawing like this. On the bottom left I have the first two drawings he did in his sketchbook of the bust. I placed the pages side by side. On the drawing labeled 1 I gave him a lot of help. I drew over his drawing, showing him  how to look at the objects shape and direction of light and to avoid relying on line to describe detail. On the drawing labeled 2 I let him draw on his own. He's headed in the right direction.

My plan is to repeat this everyday using other objects as well and also having my wife sit for us and I can also sit for him. At some point propping up a mirror and having him do a self portrait would be a good idea, but that will be on the third week.

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  1. Might be nice to show him a sample of drawing Manga style from life, so it would be clearer to him that Manga style still follows the principles.

    (or maybe I just want to see you draw Manga style)