Saturday, September 12, 2015

Having Some Fun With Self Portraits

The self portrait does not always have to be introspective, it can be fun and silly. It can be serious or a caricature and either way you can always learn from doing one.


John Singer Sargent
Rembrandt made many self portraits showing some kind of emotion or posed as some sort of character as in the etching of a beggar.

 The painter John Singer Sargent also painted a wonderfully simple caricature self portrait onto an wooden cigar box lid.

I decided to have some fun with doing a few self portraits myself. I painted myself as a pirate Top,left), as a cowboy and I also did a quick cartoon self portrait. All in fun and all for practice. They were done in Sketchbook Pro. Included below is a video I posted on my YouTube Channel showing the process of painting the Pirate Self Portrait.

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