Friday, July 10, 2015

Trying Out New Paint Software.

Corel Painter Essentials 5

PaintStorm Studio
The majority of software I use for painting are very similar. All have brushes that can be tweaked, layers with blend modes and other properties that can be manipulated. Some have large brush libraries, some have smaller but all can be adjusted and you can even download brushes from other users on line. Makes it real easy to start up the software and play with it for a while to discover the different brushes.

In these images I tested a few brushes out. This is the fun part, where you see what these brushes can do and you start imagining what you can create with them. The hard part of course is finding the time.

The first sketch I did was done in Corel Painter Essentials 5. Using the same reference I redid the painting in Paint Storm Studio. I have not used either of these programs before, at least never took anything to finish (and I still haven't). This is what I do when I start getting in to a new software, I play with it.

A few weeks back I did the same with Rebelle. I wanted to try out the acrylic brushes. They worked a lot better than I expected. Very similar to the oil brushes in ArtRage. One thing I have to say about Rebelle is that the watercolor and Acrylic brushes work perfectly but I am having trouble with the other tools. Rebelle needs to add some smoothing to the pencil and pen tools.


  1. I saw your comment on gurneyjourney and decided to check your blog out. Impressive work here! I love the painting you did in Rebelle. I tend to use Photoshop for painting just because it's what I've always used with the stock brushes. I've given up trying to find a software that emulates oil (my preferred analog medium) and have settled with digital just looking digital.

    For pencil and pen tools, have a look at Manga Studio.

    1. Thank you. Michael Oxley. I think ArtRage does a pretty good job in imitating oil, but everyone has a different take on it. Funny that you mentioned Manga Studio, I just purchased it from SmithMicro since it was on sale at 70% off- so it cost me $15.00! I used it very briefly but I like it already.