Friday, July 3, 2015

Digital Artist Don't Throw Away Your Pencils And Brushes

The Computer is not the artist anymore than the camera is not the photographer.  In fact just like any other medium that the artist chooses to use he or she is still in control of the outcome.  The end result is the product of the artist selections from observation as well as the artist imagination, experiences and inspirations.  The choice of medium whether it be a computer or any number of traditional tools only aids to express the artist intent.

My personal belief is that an artist needs to continue to use traditional materials because there is always a need to draw from life in order to add to memory and imagination making the work more visually convincing.  One of the things that is hardest to capture in digital work is that feel of traditional media but you have to be familiar with those mediums in order to know whether or not your digital work has that look.

The image on the left was done in gouache on the right
 I redid the image in ArtRage
In a recent comment on one of my YouTube videos someone stated that Corel Painter mimics watercolor the same as the software I was using (Rebelle) does.  My reply to him was that while I agree that Painter has a great watercolor brush Rebelle's brush is a lot closer to watercolor than anything I've seen and I've used traditional watercolors for over thirty-five years-and have a very good idea of how that medium should look.  Knowing exactly what your looking for in your tools will help create a better image.


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