Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Gouache Sketches

A couple of Gouache sketches done over the weekend in my sketchbook.

It used to bother me that this medium that I love to work in so much is not given more respect. I've had work rejected from online art groups because they looked upon this medium as the kind of paint children use in elementary school. Never mind that its been used by artist like Durer, Menzel and Homer. Now I could care less. There are a few mediums I work in, both traditionally and digitally and gouache is one of my favorites.

Like I said these were painted in my sketchbook. one of the reasons I love the medium so much is because I can paint on any good piece of paper and its as portable as watercolor (which it is) and as opaque as oils. The best of both worlds. The fact that its so portable makes it easy to set up when I'm home too. This is helpful when I don't have a lot of time to work.

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