Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sketching Habits

 Sometimes I'm so tired when I get back home from work that I don't want to sit down right away and draw.

What I do is put all of my drawing materials on my desk- pencils, brushes, pens, ink, watercolors, etc. Then I open my sketchbook to a clean page and leave it on the table as well. After a while I will find myself sitting in front of the blank page and I just start making a bunch of random drawings either from my imagination, memory or from some reference that I shot.

I have a box with a bunch of reference photos that I've taken myself. This comes in very handy when I'm stumped about what to draw. I also work from memory or imagination. I can get ideas of what to sketch from something that I've read, a movie I saw or something that I've seen while going about my day.

When I get too tired to continue I leave everything on the drawing table and return to it in the early morning before I start getting ready to leave to go to work.

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