Monday, June 22, 2015

Rebelle the Perfect Digital Watercolor Software

Reading through the magazine ImagineFx I found an article on an application called Rebelle. I purchased the program after reading the review and looking at some videos on YouTube that give a hint of what it can do.

I was most impressed with its watercolor brush. No other painting application has a brush that so closely mimics how watercolors behave. It was perfect. Best of all it is not very pricey, $59.99.

The brush behaves the way watercolors actually behave when applied on wet paper or dry paper. It spreads and blend with the other colors, it drips and you can dry the canvas to prevent it from going to far. You can tilt the canvas and the paint will drip in the direction of the tilt. There are no filters, there's no need because the brush mimics watercolor so well. You can also paint using a dry brush on a wet or dry surface.

These paintings are my first attempts using this brush. They are more play and exploration of the program than anything serious, but they were fun to do..

I still have a lot to learn about Rebelle, there are other types of brushes too, but no other program has a watercolor brush like this. That alone was worth the money.

Rebelle is made by Escape Motions and can be purchased here .

Bellow are two YouTube videos that demonstrate the software.

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