Thursday, April 30, 2015

Painting with the Procreate App On the IPad

Trying to keep working after a painful loss. I've managed a bunch of sketches both traditional and digital. For the digital work I have been sketching on my IPad using the Procreate app. Its a great app and I highly recommend it. Wish they would make a version for the PC though. I hate painting with my fingers on the IPad. I used a stylus for some of the paintings but it is not the same as if I were working on my Cintiq. Wacom has a new stylus out that works with the IPad that I heard good things about, as soon as I get some extra cash I will give it a try. In the mean time the following three videos were all done using Procreate on my IPad.

This last one is unfinished
But I thought it would still be fun to post.

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