Sunday, March 1, 2015

Free Digital Painting Software

With the exception of Sketchbook Pro, Art Rage, and Mischief digital painting software has a pretty hefty price tag. However, there are a number of free software available online, Gimp has been around as an alternative to Photoshop although I've never been very impressed with it. There are other software though and some of those can compete very nicely with the paid software.

There are three programs that I was very happy to find. Although you can find a few more I chose these because of their ease of use and the amount of quality features. What I was looking for is the quality of the brushes, layer properties, support and ability to produce high resolution images. The three I chose are Krita, My Paint and Smooth Draw.

My favorite out of the Three is Krita. I was very surprised that this would be given free. It is as good a software as any you can purchase. The above painting was done in Krita  and the image bellow it was done to test out the brushes.

I haven't had time yet to explore more fully My
Paint and Smooth Draw. Only a couple of sketches to test it out initially.  I share these images here but I will post more on these programs in the future, From what I can see My Paint is a very good program it may prove just as good as Krita. Smooth Draw is very easy to use but it doesn't seem at first glance to have as many features as the other two.

I have included a YouTube video bellow of the
 painting done in Krita......

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