Friday, March 13, 2015

A Couple Of Lessons From A difficult Painting Session

I almost gave up on this one. I walked away with a couple of lessons from the experience.

First is of course don't quit so easily. The thing that made this painting especially difficult was that I used the wrong paper. I used a Strathmore smooth 4 ply bristol board. A very good rag content paper but the smooth surface was not suited to the gouache medium. Paint kept lifting off the surface as I applied it to the board so that I had to paint using thick globs. The paint didn't always lift off, it wasn't plate bristol (that would have been impossible to paint on with gouache), just enough to be very annoying. Half way through I had to decide whether I wanted to continue. There was enough down that looked promising so I gave it another go. There are always things to change in a painting as you go along, using the wrong surface made it that much harder to make corrections.

Next time I need a surface with some tooth and not this smooth surface that I used here.

The second thing was equally obvious, pick the right paper for the medium I'm using. Who knows, even though I managed to finish it with the right surface It could look better than it does now.

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