Monday, December 1, 2014

Rethinking The Gouache Medium

Gouache was a medium widely used long ago but is so little respected nowadays. Great artists such as Albrecht Durer, Anders Zorn, Winslow Homer, J.M.W. Turner, Francois Boucher, etc. made terrific works in this medium. Illustrators have made works sometimes indistiguishable from oils when seen on the printed page.

On a recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City I saw a small piece executed in Gouache that made me think that I was not giving the medium the respect it deserves.

I have been looking at other artists work in this medium so that I can get a better understanding of how to work with it. I also looked up some illustrations done in Gouache.  The work thats out there really makes me wonder why the medium is not so widely used. In all honesty I would probably do more Oil painting if I had the room but because I like switching mediums I would still continue to use Gouache.

The images on this post were made at a time when I am relearning and rethinking how to work in this medium. The painting on the bottom was done on a toned paper which was too thin . The painting above and at right were done with Strathmore 500 Bristol Board. The painting on the right was done on a 4-ply sheet (the thickness of four boards), The heavier the sheet the better. I've also used 300 Lb. cold pressed watercolor paper.

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  1. Very nice. It's great seeing this medium get attention. It's used at the Watt's atelier for a number of their classes.