Thursday, April 17, 2014


No matter at what skill level you are your sketchbook should feel like that unintimidating, non-judgmental place where it’s okay to fail. That’s not to say that you deliberately make a bad drawing, but you’re not afraid to. You’re not afraid to go beyond what you’ve done before, just have fun, or try to come up with an idea for a painting or illustration. 

In the watercolors I’ve posted here one of the things that I strive to do is to lessen the amount of detail I use. I want to be able to paint an image with broad clean washes with only as much rendering as needed, but I have a tendency to render too much. There might not seem like a whole lot of rendering in these images, they’re not photo realistic but I’m still trying to strike a balance on how simple I want the rendering to be.

The ink sketches on this page were done as I was trying to visualize an illustration assignment. The other sketches and final illustration were posted in a previous blog entry.


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