Friday, January 17, 2014

Self Portraits

Its funny how I can be really busy and feel like I get very little done. Some illustration work, a couple of small self portraits, some sketching and then a whole lot of everything else ( 9 to 5, family, etc.).

Personally, I feel that even though I am busy doing illustration work, its important for me to take the time to do things like the self portrait. In my illustrations I am mostly working from imagination. The more I work from life, the more mental reference I accumulate and can recall when I am working from memory or my imagination.  Also after I've worked on a number of these small paintings I find that I eventually want to go on to something more challenging or some idea pops into my head and I begin working on something more ambitious.

The sketch on the bottom is in one of the styles I work in when I am drawing from my imagination.

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