Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting Back To Watercolor

I spent so much time working on my computer the last couple of week's and I couldn't wait to finish the project I was working on so I can get back into some watercolor. It's funny, even though I was drawing all that time I still don't feel confident enough to rush right back into paint.

I work the same way on a computer as I would in traditional media. I draw and paint directly onto my screen with a stylus, the software tools and brushes mimic the pencils and brushes I would use when painting or drawing on paper. Then again, if I had set aside my watercolors for sometime and worked in oils I would feel the same way. So I guess it's best not to blame the computer. It could have been any medium or just being away from practicing that one medium that throws my confidence off. So anyway I start to draw- a lot. I play in a sketchbook of toned paper. I start off by using graphite and a white prisma color pencil. I add white gouache later on and finally do some watercolor on this toned paper. I spend the better part of the weekend doing this. Stopping only to spend some time with my kids and getting a bite to eat and of course some sleep.

Still feeling like I could use a couple of more days of this, or it may I'm just having a lot of fun doing this.

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