Sunday, August 11, 2013

Painting the Passage of Time 2/ Portrait of My Mother at 90


Been a busy few weeks. Finished a book cover illustration, (and layout) as well as two spot illustrations for a magazine and I am in the middle of another project. It's good to be busy and get paid for it.

Still found time to do this portrait of my Mom in Sketchbook Pro 6. I guess this is a continuation of my last post about painting the passage of time. I've painted my Mom so many times and at different points in her life. Not easy to paint her right now, sometimes it can drive me to tears because its so hard to reach her. I always wonder if she can understand what is happening around her, what is she thinking or remembering. She can not articulate these things. I sit with my Mother listening to her favorite music and sometimes I draw her as she sits in her wheelchair or lies in bed.

Bellow is a video capture of my computer screen as I worked on the painting.

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