Monday, August 19, 2013

Inking In Sketchbook Pro 6

I love this medium. Its just a black line but you can suggest so much by varying the weight and density of that line. seeing how much one can do with so little is a great challenge.

Sketchbook Pro has a number of brushes that can be used as is or tweaked to resemble a line made with a nib pen or inking brush.. The pencil tool can also be used as an ink brush as long as your properties for the canvas is set to a high resolution.

If you have Sketchbook Pro the default properties for the canvas are set for a low resolution image.You should set your preferences to get the best quality image by going to your menu bar and selecting  Edit-Preference-Canvas. The height or the width should be set at no less than 4000 the other number being slightly lesser, (my width is set to 4000 and the height is set to 3075). The resolution should be set at no less than 400. When you hit okay restart the program for your changes to take affect. You will see a better quality of line right off.

There is a brush I used for the drawing of the woman on the left that I honestly can't remember if it came with the program or it was one of the many tweaks I made as I went along. It resembles a line made with a brush with split hairs. The resulting image looks like either a dry point etching or a dry brush drawing.

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