Monday, July 29, 2013

Pen, Brush and Ink Drawing

After a pencil the first drawing tools I learned to use was a crowquill nib pen and india ink. As a kid I poured over ink drawings in comic magazines like Marvel Comic's Savage Sword of Conan and the Warren Magazines like Creepy and Eerie. After finding out that the artist's used both brush and pen I started doing the same.

Latter I learned about Illustrators like Edin Austin Abbey, Joesph Clement Coll, Franklin Booth, Harrison Cady, etc. I also looked at pen drawings (and etchings) by artist's like Tiepolo, Rubens, Rembrandt, Holbien, Zorn and that list is still growing.

What I like about pen and ink is the challenge to say so much with so little, just black and white mostly. You can, of course, use as many color inks as are available. I choose to use one color ink at a time, either black or sepia. I might add a wash to the drawing.

One of the ways I would practice is by making a bunch of pencil drawings or doodles in my sketchbook at night so in the morning when I wake up I would go over these drawings in ink.

Another challenge is to draw without laying in any pencil drawing, Just begin sketching with ink and pen or brush. It forces me to really concentrate on the drawing because I can't take back a single line.


  1. Hopefully I'm not posting double.

    I really love your Rastaman.

    He really has a lot of depth and I love the texture. You utilize your greys very well.

    I've recently started using a pen and brush. I love the brush as it has a greater variety of lines and weight than a pen.

    I can't seem to get much modulation from the pen it's I bit too cold for me.

    Anyway hope to see more of your work!



    1. Hi Matt
      Thank you for visiting the blog and for the compliments.
      A pen has it's uses and some are more flexible than others. The fun is in the trying as many as you're able and maybe finding something you like.

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  3. Great post Gil!
    Pen, brush, and ink! So powerful when done with skill, knowledge and life! As a fellow comics fan I must state that a good B&W comic can stand up to most colored ones any day of the week.
    Thanks for sharing your work and your thoughts. This BLOG is a gift, thank you!

    1. Thank You. I totally agree with you. I actually enjoyed the Black and whites even more than I did the color comics.