Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why I Do So Many Self Portraits

I've done a lot of self portraits over the years the main reason being I am my most available model. My wife will pose for me sometimes, its like pulling teeth but my children will pose occasionally. Beyond that I have to rely on my camera and the train ride where I get to sketch my fellow passengers on my way to and from work.

Doing  self portraits does not always have to be a straight forward portrayal. Rembrandt cast himself as biblical characters and also made a series of etchings displaying different emotions. Sometimes I paint myself looking very angry or serious or laughing, etc.

As funny as this might sound, I've never owned a denim jacket and always wanted one as a teenager. When I finally purchased one for myself I painted  a self portrait wearing it. I did the same when my wife gave me a leather jacket as a gift.

 Adding props, particular clothing, even making faces make it fun and it also keeps my hand moving as I strive to paint daily.

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