Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Finding Motivation to Paint

I haven’t been motivated to do much in a while. I don’t know why it happens but every now and then I just find it hard to find the motivation to paint. I know that sometimes I feel like my work is not all that good and that there’s not enough time for me to focus on painting anyway. No matter how I feel or what I feel the only answer is to continue working. There will come a time where I will feel more inspired. I will still feel that there is not enough time to paint but it would not be a hopeless feeling, it will be a positive one, I will believe that goals are achievable and that I would be able to make the time because it is that important to me.

The important thing is to keep working in this in-between time. There are times where I find the motivation in the life around me or as I keep drawing I find it in the sketches I make or in museum visits or pouring over art books, etc. A new medium or new materials- brush, paper or a new technique, just keep going until something catches and then I’m off again.

I keep several sketchbooks. They have either different types of paper or different sizes. One of my favorites is a book of toned paper. Sometimes I would use white opaque paint or a white pencil to put in the light struck areas. Working this way I would use a black graphite pencil or black ink for the dark values; the tone of the paper as a middle value and the white for the light areas. I find working with these materials fun. The other day I stumbled on a pen I had forgotten about- a ball point pen filled with white gel ink. I used this in place of the white paint.  After several drawings I can see this pen along with the pencil and toned paper being very useful for sketching outdoors.


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