Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adding To The List Of Artist I Admire

Add new painters to your list of favorites all the time. (Irwin Greenberg)
John Singer Sargent

I have a long list of artists that I really like. Sargent, Sorolla, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Homer, Eakins, Gerome, Meissonier, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Wyeth, Duveneck, Chase, Etc. The list goes on. There are illustrators on that list too. N.C. Wyeth, Leyendecker. Dorne , Cornwell, Rockwell, Pyle, Abbey, Etc. That list goes on too.

Irwin Greenberg

David Levine
Irwin (Greeny) Greenberg,
quote above, comes from a generation that had little tolerance for the realist tradition. There were a number of artist around that time who struggled to hold on to that tradition while the art world was going another way. There is a documentary film called ‘TheView From Here’ about a group of artist who were of that generation. Greeny introduced his class to those artist showing us reproductions of their work, books that they’ve written and a visit to a gallery. Those artist included Burt Silverman, Harvey Dinnerstein, David Levine and Aaron Schickler
Burt Silverman
Harvey Dinnerstein

Among the newer artists that I’ve learned about and learned from recently are Dean Mitchell, Mary Whyte, Mario Robinson, Stephen Scott Young and Guan Weixing. Although there are many more artist whose work I admire I mention these because they all work in watercolor, a medium I have decided to focus on.  
Dean Mitchell

Mary Whyte

Mario Robinson
One of the things I enjoy about looking at portraits, ones that are done really well, is that a feeling of a living, breathing flesh and blood human being, a sense of the person’s character gets communicated. I see that in Rembrandt's especially. A sense of someone’s character lives on in the artist’s vision and he is able to communicate that across time and cultures. That is what enjoy about the work of these five artists as well. Besides all the technical things they do so well, which I enjoy too, their work speaks to me and I encounter another human being in their paintings.
Guan Weixing

Stephen Scott Young

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