Monday, May 7, 2012

Reworking and Improving

I remember when I was in Irwin Greenberg's class in the High School of Art and Design he told a story of an illustrator who was challenged by his art director to do a particular piece over again several times. After reworking his illustration again and again he saw how the piece had improved, he had learned from each one and knew better what to do as he progressed. The latest version was better than the last.

Its a lot of work to invest so much time energy and care into one painting and continue to redo it hoping to improve on the previous version.

The painting on the upper left is the first sketch I did of this figure. Initially I had no idea how I was going to paint his face. Not happy with this painting I painted the next one posted bellow it. Felt better about this one so I moved on to paint the rest of the figure in the next painting.

These piece's are studies for a larger painting with another figure to be added so I will be reworking this yet again. There is a great benefit to making so many studies, I normally like to dive right in with nothing more than a thumbnail sketch but this is a lot more helpful. Only draw back is that I might get tired reworking the figures and never progress to the finished painting, but with patience, discipline and hard work I can make a better painting and learn a lot in the process.


  1. Sorry my donation isn't bigger--just want you to know your work is appreciated. It's so hard for artists to get recognized. Your drawings are wonderful--I am working on my drawing every day I can so I understand how much time goes into the work. Judy Warner

  2. I really like your style and the progression of your work. It takes real dedication to become an accomplished artist. I understand about "redo's"...keep up the good work! Sena Wilson