Monday, March 5, 2012

What To Do With Those Quick Subway Sketches

I now have drawers full of sketchbooks with these sketches done in the subway. Some were done in graphite, some brush and ink, pen and ink, water soluble pencil and color pencils. I've been doing these since high school never thinking of doing anything other than using that time to practice drawing. Just sketching.

Something I wanted to try was to paint using these sketches as reference. These little watercolors are the result.

 Judging from these pitiful first attempts its an artistic muscle I need to exercise more, painting from sketches. At least I had fun doing these. There are many artist who worked this way and painted canvases using figures pulled from their sketchbooks.Jean Antoine Watteau comes to mind.


  1. Really enjoy your blog and work (esp. your portraiture)! Found you thru the article on Empty Easel. I look forward to your future entries.

  2. Thank you Debi. I'm glad you enjoyed the work.