Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Quick Sketch/ Making The Most Of Every Opportunity

The tricky part about this is that he's going to move before I can finish

Just like in the drawing above This man moved several times
I really want to try and draw or paint everyday. I find it harder to work after taking a long brake from painting or drawing. It feels like I took a few leaps backward and I have to work harder and relearn something’s in order to start moving forward again. 

Some weeks life can overwhelm me and demand my attention and time in trying to meet the needs of family and putting food on the table. There’s work to do, children to take care of and just so much time left in the day for me. The time I have left on the weekend doesn’t make up for the loss of time in the five days of the week. The best solution I’ve had for it is the time in-between the time I spend taking care of all these things.

I wake early in the morning to start my day ahead of my kids. One of them likes to get up early too, but he gets no further than the sofa in the living room where he plops down and continues to sleep for another forty five minutes. Today I stood over him with my sketch pad and drew him as he slept. On the way back home from work I took out my sketchbook again to sketch a fellow passenger. These were very quick sketches since I had little time to do them and in both cases the person didn't stay still very long. At home I continued to sketch from memory, trying to recall some faces I’ve seen during the day.

The weather has been getting warmer here ahead of the spring so that I can finally begin to spend my lunch hour in the park sketching, creating another opportunity.

In making the most of every opportunity I can keep moving forward so that when more time opens up I can feel ready to make the most of that time.

These two bellow are from memory so I didn't have to worry about them moving

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