Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pursuing The Big Picture

Norman Rockwell said he started out each painting with the idea that this is going to be the big one, the one that he’s going to be famous for and will put him in the history books. He felt that that big painting always eluded him even though he is remembered for a great deal of paintings and there are quite a few books written about him and his works.

It’s simply the idea of taking all of the experience you’ve accumulated and to try and challenge yourself to go past that to do things you’ve never done and his body of work shows that progression. It evolved in the pursuit of that big picture.

This week I bought a book on another artist, a watercolorists named Mary Whyte. One book is titled Painting Portraits and Figures In Watercolor and the other is called Working South. The later is  a book on a series of paintings documenting vanishing industries in America. I was really inspired by her work and wanted to challenge myself to paint larger watercolors. I also wanted to make paintings with multiple figures.

I went out and bought large sheets of watercolor paper, (22” x 30”)  and started working on studies of the figures to include in the first painting.

The sketches I post here are the studies I’ve done so far. I am looking forward to this weekend to start on the final painting.

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