Sunday, December 4, 2011

Resolve/ Learn To Paint With My Left Hand

I have had a miserable week just pushing myself to try and sketch. My right hand was operated on last week. The ligament and nerve damage was repaired and now I have to wear my splint for six weeks.

I can’t move my thumb or use my right hand. I am trying to sketch with my left hand but it takes a great deal of patience since I don’t have the same control I would have using my right hand. Still, since I have to wait six weeks I’m going to have to fight through the frustration and try to paint with my left hand. The computer software helps but I would much rather use traditional media. I find that if I can tape down the paper or prop it on an easel it’s easier to work and the more I generalize and not try to get into details I can come up with something that looks okay. I still want to get the image to look as though I would’ve done it with my right hand.

I think these next six weeks can teach me a lot if I have the patience and discipline to continue working, I can’t sleep the time away.

  The top painting was done in Photoshop, the drawing bellow it was done in pen from memory. The bottom was done in transparent watercolor, all were done left handed. 

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