Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Never Giving Up / Sketching through Injury

The head in profile was drawn with my left hand in sketchbook Pro.
Life has a way of bringing unexpected  surprises at your door. Not all of them good.

About two weeks ago I sustained some serious injuries which included my right thumb nearly being severed. There was ligament damage to the thumb and my right hand remains in a splint. My four fingers are also covered by the splint even though they are intact and uninjured. All this makes it very hard to paint.

I started drawing during my stay in the hospital using what fingers were free at the time and when they put the splint on my right hand I tried drawing left handed. Because trying to retrain myself to use my left hand is difficult and frustrating I switch the pencil, brush or pen from hand to hand. I can still use my right hand though I can’t use my thumb yet.

I can’t begin to express how much I long to be outdoors with a set of watercolors and paint what’s in front of me or to be able to take my French easel outside and paint in oils. Art has always been important to me and now I realize how much it is a part of who I am. It’s like a conversation I’ve been having all these years with a very close friend, (myself?). A conversation that is never finished and I long to return to again and again.
This was done in Photoshop holding the stylus as best I can in my right hand.
For now I’ve been relying mostly on my Cintiq, using Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro to work out some digital sketches but I would love to be able to grip a paint brush. That should happen hopefully in another week, God willing. Still, I don’t want to lose a single day so I use what I can to sketch.

There are other injuries but I don’t care to re-live them here, I only want to say that I thank God that I’m still here. Also want to thank all my friends and extended family that has helped me and my Family, especially the Pastor and his Wife and the members of the Bronx Christian Church.

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