Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warming Up To Paint

Self Portrait Oil on Board 10 X1 4"

My weekend was filled up with an illustration assignment, (I will post after it is printed), and helping my son with a summer homework assignment. He had to make a movie poster as part of a book report for a book he read, (Inkheart). I had taken a couple of days off ahead of the Labor Day weekend and  after finishing the illustration, helping my son and doing a self-portrait I only had one more day left to paint before I head back to work.

I wanted to paint but I was at a lost as to what I wanted to work on. There are things I want to do but it would require more than one day to do it so I would rather wait till the weekend to start on a long project.  Working from Friday evening till Sunday evening would allow me to get well enough into the work so when I come home during the week starting where I left off would be automatic- I would have already been thinking and plotting about what to do next all day long.

Still, I needed to do something with my day. I spent the day warming up, that is doing a bunch of sketches hoping it would lead to something. First I did a sketch page straight from imagination, just having fun and not taking myself seriously. I had a lot of fun doing those sketches. 

On the left is my "fun sketch" which is really just a page of doodles from my imagination.

 Then I grabbed a couple of photos I took and began to sketch something I eventually want to do a watercolor of. Both were photos I took by Battery Park a short while ago.

 I really wanted to make a painting of the sketch on the right and will probably do so this coming week. It will be one of those things that keep my hand moving while I wait for the weekend to start more ambitious projects.

 I did the drawing on the right because I wanted to try out my brush pen.


  1. I'm a fan of your versatile and artistic style!

  2. Thank you Malia. I'm glad you took the time to look on my blog and enjoyed it.