Friday, September 30, 2011

Painting Through A Busy Week


The past couple of weeks have been a busy one creatively. Finished an illustration assignment, completed and uploaded an e-book on Barnes & Noble website- (A children’s picture book I will feature in my next post), got a request for another illustration assignment and all the while I continued to paint and draw. 

It’s important to me to continue to paint, to do work that is personally important because that is where I find who I am, how I see things and how I will grow as an artist.

The two watercolors are opposite’s in their approaches. One,(top left), is done in higher contrast and brighter colors. I wanted it to look fresh and spontaneous. I actually had a tough time figuring how to balance working wet in wet and then waiting for the paper to dry to continue to layer washes over it. The 80lb sketchbook paper was to light for painting this way so I had to use some opaque white to make corrections, however I don’t think anyone would notice it unless I point it out.

The other,(at bottom left), is more subtle in the modeling. Still working in the same way (wet in wet) and allowing the paint to dry I continued applying wet washes over dry paint. I carefully applied daubs of paint to make the transition from one value to the next as subtle as possible.

The following weeks look promisingly busy. I will have to keep in mind that I need to make time to paint every day, (even though I’m working on illustrations and technically still drawing and painting).

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