Saturday, June 25, 2011

RIP Peter Falk / Gene Colan

Actor Peter Falk and cartoonist Gene Colan both passed away this week. I was only a kid when Columbo aired in the 70's. It was probably about the third season that I began watching it. I remember that I really liked this character that always appeared lost in thought, forgetful, a little sloppy and not to bright, but he fooled everyone. It was like he always pretended to be less than the clever and intelligent police detective that he was. He was so likable. Peter Falk was also an artist, his work can be seen on his website .
Funny thing was that two weeks ago I had picked up the first season of Columbo. I haven't had time to watch it since, this morning I made the time to do so and it was every bit as fun to watch as I remembered.
 Gene Colan  drew some of the best comics I have in my collection. I especially liked his work when he was paired with Tom Palmer as his inker. I remember when I was a kid visiting my cousin's house, his mother, my aunt,  used to get rid of stacks of his comic books by giving it to my brother and I, (I'm sure that's a sore spot for him to this day). When we got home we would pour over the books, I remember the Daredevils he did with Tom Palmer. Latter when I payed for my own books I would pick up Dr Strange, Dracula and, yes, Howard the Duck. I also liked seeing his un-inked pencil work in books  like Ragamuffin's and the Nathaniel Dusk series.
Its fun just to think about and remember those days and a great satisfaction to be able to open the pages of a comic drawn by Gene or watch Columbo and still feel the same way.
Thanks for the gifts you gave us Mr Falk and Mr Colan.
I did the drawing at left as a tribute to both. Columbo in Colan's style and I colored it in photoshop on top.


  1. This has been posted on several FB forums dedicated to the memory of Gene Colan. Yet have you ever done a print of James Garner as Jim Rockford in the style of Neal Adams?

  2. Hi DPK. I've never done a drawing like that but that might be fun to do.

  3. Well done, sir! (I'd call you by name but it's not on the blog post.) I think Gene would be both impressed and grateful. Looking forward to more of your work. Best of success!