Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Painting Outdoors

I purchased a french folding easel a couple of weeks ago and put to use recently at City Island in the Bronx. Best thing to do with my free time is to paint outdoors. I use my lunch hour to go to the park near work, on my return trip home I stop at the parkway near home and spend sometime painting, and then on the weekend I can take the french easel and paint in oils like in the picture at left.
Now the thing that I have to challenge my self to do is use this data I collected from painting outdoors and transfer that to making finished paintings.
The painting on the upper left is the one that I painted recently. The one on the right is from a trip to City Island I made last year. They are from the same spot the boats are either different or in a different order. I can't wait to go back and pick a different spot. These were fun to do but I guess I'm still looking for something in that area to do that would be less of a sketch, more of a finished piece.
The other two are watercolors done in Battery Park. I only had about 45 minutes on each. I think that these paintings I've been doing also need to be turned into something more finished. So my well spent time outdoors is beginning to lead into more ambitious painting. Now the hardest part about this is making the time and having the discipline to carry it through.
Here is one I put together from some of the other sketches
I made on my lunch hour. Not entirely happy with it but
I will paint some more using the sketches I've made as reference.

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