Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting Loose or Tight

Two of these paintings were done outdoors the other one at home, (I don't have a studio, just a little corner in my living room where I keep a drawing table and supplies).
The one I did at home, (left), is a lot tighter, I had the time to render the painting and as a result learn how to handle the medium a little better, (I hope). I also learned about the paper I was using which was Saunders cold press 140lbs. The painting was a lot of fun to do but took a few days to complete because I could only work on it in the mornings before going to work and sometimes in the evening as well.
The other paintings were done more quickly the one on the left middle being done in my sketchbook and took less than an hour.  It was done on my lunch hour as I sat in Battery Park. That one is of course a lot loser. I actually spent a few more minutes on that one as I added some touches after I came home, but most of it was painted on the spot. This was a lot of fun too, maybe more fun because of the experience of working outdoors. I like both extremes, the looseness in the one and the tight rendering in the other.

The last one is a tiny little sketch I did while waiting for a bus. I had just got off the train and was transferring to a bus, I don't remember but maybe I was disappointed that I didn't sketch on the train and wanted to do something before I got home. It was done on a small watercolor block that fit in my pocket.

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