Monday, May 2, 2011

One Painting Finished Another One Started

I was able to finish this portrait of my wife over the weekend. The kids have grown up enough that I feel its safe to lay out my oils. Bellow is a map of the painting in progress. I've never really made a drawing of a painting before I started painting, other than a quick thumbnail sketch of what I intended to paint. I always use to go directly to the painting. I think having done the drawing helped me a lot with this painting, having solved the drawing problems to the best of my ability before hand I had a plan as to how I was going to paint the portrait.

The top left and bottom right were copied from a scanner the other two shots were taken with a digital camera since the paint surface was still wet. Since I did the careful drawing the painting problems were more about color and paint application.
The drawing is graphite on paper and is larger than the finished painting which was done on a small panel.

Here's another painting I started in between the drying time of the other portrait. This was after one day and it is a portrait of my son in his little league uniform.

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