Friday, April 29, 2011

Springing Forward!!!

Start of the spring and my son (left) is ready for baseball. A drawing I struggled with and intend to turn into a portrait of my son in his little league uniform. I'm still working on the small portrait of my wife as well and will post that shortly.

In the mean time with the warm weather coming in I can go outdoors again to paint and sketch. This week I've made trips to a park near my job on my lunch break. I really look forward to plan trips to City Island in the Bronx to paint near the water. Last year I've used my vacation days and off days at work for this, I'll probably do the same this year.

 These two sketches were made at Battery Park with a Pentel Brush pen.
These sketches were also made with the brush pen. I didn't try using
a pencil to rough in the drawing first because I felt going straight to the
black ink would force me to work harder at being accurate, (could use a lot more
work on that, but it was fun).

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