Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doodling and Sketching “Cause There’s not Enough Time To Do Anything Else.

I don’t know if there’s a difference between doodling and sketching . If there is a difference I’m sure its what ever one chooses to apply to it. To me Its drawing what ever I can because I don’t have enough free time to do what I want, or maybe its having fun with the time that I have. Some doodles are more elaborate than others, some are made because I wanted to try out a new brush, pen or pencil, ink or watercolors. There are times where I take these doodles and continue to work them up, sometimes making a more finished work. Sometimes I do them on my lunch break, sometimes I do them when I should be working. Other times I take my sketchbook to bed and make a few doodles before I fall asleep. If I cant do anything else that day or even if I did manage to paint that day this is still what I do everyday.

This guy shows up a lot.
 At one time I was thinking of doing a comic book
out of Henry V by Shakespeare. This is
the narrator, chorus.


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