Sunday, February 13, 2011

Painting and Drawing My Parents

I try hard to be self critical when it comes to my work, but I try also not to fall in to the trap of comparing my work with someone else's because then I would easily become discouraged. Sometimes though I find myself liking some of the things I did not because I think it's great work but because of the experience of having done it. It was fun, or I painted someone I really care about and preserved a memory that I can look back at. That's the way I feel when I look at the paintings I've done of my parents. My father is gone now, he passed away at 91 years old. He was born in 1916. I only wish I had done more of him.  I have some oil sketches and various drawings of him but the charcoal drawing I include here very much reminds me of him.
My mother is still going strong, she was born in 1923, this February 17th she will be 88. I painted and drew here often, she sat for me very patiently since my High School days when I started learning to draw from life. I never tire of painting her and each work is a memory, some done from life and others from photos, but I remember the experience of painting them. It would be nice to get that across in everything I do, the idea that It's not just paint but an experience, a memory. It may not be your own but maybe having had similar experience's it can trigger some of your own memories about your own experience.

This drawing was done in 1983, my senior year
in High School. I found the old sketchbook
a short time ago.

This drawing was also done when I was
in High School. I wanted to paint her
sewing near a window, ( I was
thinking of those Vermeer paintings
where the subject is posed near a

Oil sketch of my Dad, also from
my High School days. He rarely
sat for me but he was always very
patient and accomidating on the
occasions when he did.

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