Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stuff I'll Finish Someday

Its a big enough challenge to paint or draw everyday, but the goal is actually to get some finished work done. The amount of finished works and creative projects I've been able to bring to completion are to few. I have a long list of works and ideas I would love to get back to as well as some works I would like another shot at. I have not let them go, It will take a little planing but I will get back to them.

This painting and the one above left is
of a coworker. While I think that these
came out okay, I don't feel I got to say what
I wanted about him. I would like to return to
this someday.

The work on the left was intended as
an homage to two of my favorite fantasy
artist, Frank Frazetta and John Buscema.
Both of whom have passed away. I fully
intend to get back to it as I do the one on the right. That one was part of a video I did on
Edgar Allen Poe's short story The Red Death.
I only completed the first half of the video and
posted it on YouTube,

This also was part of that Red Death video.

This one is a favorite that I really was having a great time
working on. I had made a study of this in gouache as well,
this is the oil version unfinished. I know that I want to devote
time to this, but I want that time to be uninterrupted so I wait
for when i can take some time off from work to spend time on this.

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