Saturday, January 1, 2011

Painting my Kids

Another year has passed, (heck, another decade), I have so many ways to mark the time. The most important to me right now are my son’s. They have been the subjects of portraits, drawings, quick sketches and illustrations.
Eleven years have passed in the life of my first son and nine for the younger. To few paintings and drawings record that time, but I am glad for each one. I remember painting each work, I remember that time in their life. Each year of their lives were special and I miss them, but I also like who they are today and look forward to who they will be in the future.

Joshua was ten when I did this portrait of him.
I bought him the book that he holds in his hand the
night before. I gave him the book when I came home
from work and he read it all before dinner. Impressed, I
decided to paint him with the book.

Every morning my youngest son Jason and I
would go outside to wait for his bus to pick
him up for school.  We would always leave a little
early so that we can have some extra time together
before I leave for work. This painting was done from
a photo I took with my cell phone one of those mornings.
This is a drawing my son Jason did
depicting him and I going for a walk.

When Joshua began to get into dinosaurs
I wrote and illustrated this story for him.
Althouh the child in the story was not a
direct portrait of Joshua, I had him in mind
when I drew the character.


  1. Now how special is this on the day after New Years. To see a loving talented father honor his sons in a creative way and include a drawing by his youngest. Three cheers for Dads!!!

  2. I could have used my name, Susan Knebel, and still be an unknown to be posted. We learn by doing.