Sunday, January 16, 2011

Early Morning Drawing Session

Another version of the drawing I
posted last time. This time I tried
to simplify the  image and use
different marks.

So far I’ve been pretty consistent with getting up early to start my day drawing or painting.  I’ve been working in pen and ink because its easy to get started and I have been unsatisfied with my first attempts at drawing in this medium.
What I’ve been doing is making a pencil drawing and attaching it to a light box, then I would place a blank sheet of paper over that and begin inking. This way if I am unsatisfied I can always produce another version . I also was trying to consider what types of marks I would use to build my image.
I took the time to look to the pen and ink artist of the past. I looked through a book I had purchased in college, Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen by Joseph Pennell. There are many wonderful drawings in that book and there is one in particular that I remembered and turned to, a drawing by Antonio Farbes of a man eating out of a pot, (probably beans). I also looked at Franklin Booth and Harrison Cady, a lot of old guys. One of my biggest influences I found in the pages of the old Warren Magazines, an artist who was known as Auraleon. I always liked his style, heavy on the darks and full of character and the marks he used made the drawings lively. Pretty much what I'm trying to go for is just that, a simpler image, strong lighting and interesting marks that would give the drawing some life and character.

Self portrait

Here is the pencil vrsion of this
self portrait. I used this to put on
a light box and made the final draw-
ing on a clean sheet of paper I
laced over it.

Pencil study for the drawing bellow.

I enjoyed playing with the different marks
I was able to use to build this image. This type
of study helps me to develop an arsenal of
choices I can use in future pen and ink drawings.

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