Thursday, December 9, 2010

Drawing Demo Wash Pencil

It was 4 in the morning and everyone was a sleep but me. So I decided to draw using the materials I usually carry with me when I sketch on the train. The sketch took about 15 min., I speed up the video to half that time.

Here is the final Drawing done in the video.
Self portrait from a photograph I had taken earlier.
In this drawing I tried to keep the details to a minimal. Latter I came across this passage in the book ,‘The Art Spirit’-
“A fine drawing by Phil May has very little detail in it, but what lines he did put down were so significant of his quality of idea that no more lines, or no more details, were necessary.” (Robert Henri)

This is a fine way of thinking about the drawing, especially for the quick sketches in the subway that I usually do, and the wash pencil lends itself to that.


  1. Thanks for this interesting demo of your working method. I couldn't hear a sound track, so maybe you already answered this: what was the brush pen you were using? Was it filled with grey ink or simply with water so as to wet the watercolor pencil? Is it always your practice to start from the top and work down without first laying in large masses?

    The quote regarding Phil May was interesting. May was famous for achieving his wonderfully minimalist cartoons by retracing a drawing over and over, eliminating detail each time until he obtained the desired look. Sort of a counter-spontaneous spontaneity!

  2. Smurfswacker- The brush I used was just filled with water. I dont usually start in any particular spot, I was going to go over everything with the brush so I was just maping out the darks, Thanks for the info about Phil May, I was not familiar with his work method thogh I've seen and enjoyed his illustrations.